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People and Organisational Experience

Since 2010 I have been running Transformative Conversations which facilitate people to intentionally develop themselves and relate with the people they work and live with.
Noteworthy conversations are in the following areas:
  • CEO and Senior level 1:1 development conversations.
  • CEO and Senior level job appointments.
  • Team  development conversations.
  • Succession and Talent Planning in Family Businesses.
  • Conflict and dispute resolutions.   
Between 1998 and 2009 I worked as Head of HR and OD for Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals, and worked with the site leadership team to support our colleagues manufacture and manage delivery of supply globally. 
Noteworthy achievements are in the following areas: 
  • Integrated an inclusive company culture between shift and day colleagues and facilitated a new approach to organisational shift teams.
  • Co-ordinated the integration policy and set of activities for two major company mergers and acquisitions. 
  • Designed and Implemented 'process teams' as a game changing approach for running manufacturing business.
  • Initiated and developed the graduate employment recruitment scheme.
From 1994-1998 I worked with Price Waterhouse Coopers as an Organisation Development Consultant working internationally on multi-disciplinary teams. From 1989-1993 I worked as a Graduate Recruitment and HR Manager for BDO Binder Hamlyn in London. As a graduate I worked for the Electricity Supply Board in Dublin. 
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